11712 Sage Brush Lane,
Fort Smith, AR 72916

Hours: MON-SUN: 7:00am – 9:00pm

11712 Sage Brush Lane,
Fort Smith, AR 72916

Hours: MON-SUN: 7:00am – 9:00pm

Quality Work-Reasonable Rates

about us...

We are a Lawn Mowing Service in Fort Smith/River Valley. We do Landscaping, Spring/fall cleanup, leaf/brush/trash, Hedge trimming plus much more!

Born and raised in the Fort Smith area, my employees and I understand the needs of customers in the river valley area. We are licensed and insured. We have been in business full time since 2013. We understand the types of grasses and plants that grow and the terrain of the area. We are always persistent and on time. You will never have to worry about the “lawn guy” not showing up. We use nothing but professional grade commercial equipment. We are very presentable and will never leave you feeling embarrassed about having us on your property.

– Danny Johnson Owner/Operator 


Mowing/weed-eating/edging/blow off

Weekly and bi-weekly and monthly mowing with a 10-day service available on a case by case basis. We only use the best of the best equipment so you will have a great looking cut every time. We are experts at edging and will leave you a nice-looking edge on your driveway/sidewalks/curbs. We don’t leave excess clippings on the lawn. If the lawn needs to be mowed twice to disperse clippings to the point of near invisibility then that’s what we do.

Hedge trimming

Hedge trimming is also offered. It can be performed at the customers request. Usually we try to do hedges and tree trimming in the late fall or early spring in order to allow fresh new growth in the spring and the energy gathered by the plant to focus on root growth when not in bloom.


We also offer to install flowerbeds or update flowerbeds. We don’t do hardscaping projects that require retaining walls but more along the lines of what you see in most neighborhoods in the River Valley Area. We allow the customers to pick out the design and plants they wish installed.

Leaf removal

Leaf removal is done usually with my large ZTR mowers and bagging systems along with very high powered back pack leaf blowers made especially for large leaf cleanup jobs. We get ALL the leaves from in and around flowerbeds, along the house, fence lines, and numerous other obstacles that may be on your property.

Downed tree removal

If you have a downed tree or a tree not over hanging a structure, then I am licensed and insured to remove and I am usually cheaper than most of your licensed and bonded tree companies in the area. If the job is too large or overhanging a structure, then I have 2 companies who have been in the River Valley Area for years and are very reliable.

Brush removal

Do you have brush that needs removed? Then I am the person for you. I will remove all the brush that has collected or been collected and haul away with dump fees included in the price.

Trash removal

We also offer trash removal. If for example you have a tenant that has moved out and left their trash, then I am the person for you. If you are doing a garage cleanup, then I am the person for you. If you are renovating a house and have a bunch of construction debris, then I am the person for you.

General yard cleanup

We offer general yard cleanup services as a package that include unsightly properties that have been long neglected. We will trim, mow, edge, haul away what needs hauled away and basically get the property back up to quality standards. This could include some or all of the other services we offer combined into one large job.

Flower bed cleanup

If your flowerbeds have gotten out of control with weeds and overgrown shrubs, then we are the company for you. We will de-weed and do a general cleanup of all beds so they are ready for new mulch or rocks.

Mulch delivery and install

We offer mulch install by the yard and half yard. We can offer several different colors depending on what best suites your needs. We have black, red, natural cedar, etc…All prices are based on which mulch is chosen and where it is to be installed. Cleanup of beds if needed is priced separately.



customers reviews...

"Danny and his crew are absolutely fantastic. They do an amazing job and are very friendly. I've been a customer of his service for a year and couldn't be happier! I highly recommend!"
"Danny with River Valley has taken care of my place for 6 years now and they have been doing a wonderful job They go way and beyond what needs mowing remove limbs and overall keep the outside of your home looking wonderful A+"
-Keith W.
"Quality service and quality people"
-Jamie G.

contact us...

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11712 Sage Brush Lane,
Fort Smith, AR 72916
MON-SUN: 7:00am - 9:00pm
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